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  The Cobb is an award winning multi-functional, totally portable BBQ. But to call it a BBQ doesn't really do it justice. The Cobb can also grill, bake, smoke, boil and fry so it's a complete portable cooking system ideal for camping, picnics, sailing and festivals. It's also famous as the portable cooker used by The Hairy Bikers who carry it around on their motorbikes and stop off in beautiful but windswept locations to create amazing dishes on the move.
The Cobb is also billed as a healthy 'cooker' as fat and oils will drain away from food into the well and it is designed to divert these juices away from the heat source, thus minimising cooking smoke.
The Cobb can be used virtually anywhere and is supplied with a lightweight, durable carry bag for easy transportation. Constructed in high quality stainless steel with a high grade stainless steel mesh base, the Cobb is designed to keep the heat in and the cold out and can withstand most weather conditions. The mesh base construction ensures the sides and base remain cool during the cooking process so the unit can be used on any surface. It's rubber feet root it in place and, particularly for sailers, will mean your Cobb will not slide around on deck.

The different cooking options are many and varied and can be added to with a range of purpose built accessories. Options include:
* Baking - bread, cakes, pizza etc.
* Barbecuing - meats, chicken, vegetables, fish & seafood
* Frying - eggs, meat, fish, steaks
* Roasting - whole chicken, meat joints etc.
* Smoking - add wood smoking chips or pellets to the heat source to hot smoke fish, meat & poultry

The basic construction - from the bottom up - includes a base or outer casing with mesh sides and non slip feet into which slots an inner stainless steel sleeve. A fire grid or charcoal basket fits into the centre of the inner sleeve and this is where the heat source is generated using either charcoal briquettes, heat beads or the Cobb Cobblestone, a purpose designed environmentally friendly heat brick made from coconut shells. The Cobb heat source needs to be established for 20 to 25 minutes before starting to cook.
The fire grid is surrounded by a 'moat' which is designed to capture juices from the cooking process but can also be used as an extra cooking area, particularly for vegetables which can be cooked in meat juices. The moat can also be used in the same way a water pan is used in the ProQ Smoker range to infuse the cooking process with extra moisture and flavour. It will hold up to 250ml of water, wine or beer and additional seasoning or fresh herbs can be added to it.
The heat source is then covered with the grill grid. Depending on the cooking process you are planning, the grill rack or other accessories such as the frying pan or stir fry pan (available separately) are placed on top of the grill grid for cooking. The domed stainless steel lid can be used for baking, roasting or smoking and will ensure food remains extra succulent. The lid will warm during the cooking process but will not burn.

Cobb Premier Pack includes: Cobb, Roast Rack, Carry Bag and colour Cookery Book
Dimensions: 330mm diameter x 330mm high (dome on)
330mm diameter x 260mm high (dome inverted for stowing)
Weight: 3.8 kg (8.5 lbs)


Product Code:
PRICE: £104.00



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