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  Anuka Portable Electric Smoker DESCRIPTION
  These Anuka smokers are a fantastic solution to hassle free hot smoking. They allow you to create hot smoked dishes reliably and efficiently with simple electric operation ensuring the correct cooking temperature and wood smoke flavour created from natural wood smoking dust.

* FREE WOOD DUST ASSORTMENT with each Anuka purchase * The Assortment consists of 5 x 100g Wood Dust Sachets in Oak, Apple, Cherry, Maple and Alder.

The Anuka Portable Electric Smoker is designed to quickly and effectively hot smoke foods, imparting delicious aromatic wood smoke flavour as well as steaming food in its own juices for a guaranteed succulent and very healthy result. The smoker is one of the easier options for portable hot smoking - you just plug it in to generate the heat required to both cook the food and to set the wood smouldering. Natural wood smoking dust (see our Wood Smoking Products section for a wide range of flavours) is used to create the wood smoke flavour and the Anuka is supplied with a measure which can be half filled for a light smoke or filled twice for a more intense smoke flavour. The wood is placed in a recess above a heated element where it will gently smoulder. Soaking the wood will enhance the smouldering and the flavour creation and increase the moisture in the unit. Food is then placed on a grill racks and the racks put in place, prior to adding the lid. The smoker can then be plugged in and a timer can be used to select the required cooking time, this is generally about the same timings as a conventional oven as the Anuka will run at temperatures of 190 degrees C to ensure thorough cooking. The unit will sound a 'ping' when the cooking period is complete. Because the unit is enclosed and the food essentially cooks within its own juices whilst being infused with wood smoke flavour, the results are not only tender and flavour-full but also no additional oils or fats are needed so its a very healthy way to cook! The unit

As for foods you can cook in it - the choice is expansive. Hot smoking is a relatively speaking a new kid on the block as far as food smoking goes and the recipe options range from whole fish to meats, poultry, shellfish, vegetables and nuts. As with all food smoking, you have great scope to experiment, adding dry rubs, pre-marinading food, mixing teas or dried herbs or orange peel etc to the wood dust.

The type of smoking wood to use with your Anuka is a dust form or very small chip. A measuring scoop is supplied with the smoker and the Anuka Instruction and Recipe Booklet which is supplied with the unit gives details of the amount of wood which should be used. This majors on quantity of dust - half a scoop for a light smoke up to 2 scoops for a heavy smoke. Bear in mind also the depth of smoke flavour of the individual wood types. Our rule of thumb to start with is 'less is more'. You can adjust quantity and flavour as you experiment further with your Anuka to achieve just the depth of smoke flavour that's right for you. It is also recommended to soak the wood dust in advance to reduce any acrid or harsher flavours which may be produced by dry woods. One lovely tip is to soak the dust is wine or whisky for extra flavour. You can also add dried herbs to your dust for other interesting flavours.

The Anuka is designed for use outdoors in a covered area or in dry conditions out in the open.

Smoke residues from the cooking process can been cleaned using a non abrasive cleaner and hot water. The base unit is dishwasher proof, however the power controller should not be immersed in water, but wiped with a damp cloth. Ashes from the wood dust should be carefully disposed of especially if they are still hot.

A note on health and smoking

Hot smoking is a healthy way to flavour food without the use of salts, fats or oils. There is much disinformation about the carcinogenic content of smoked foods, however, research conducted by the CSL Food Science Laboratory in Aberdeen, revealed that the wood burning process produced a complex group of compounds known collectively as PNEHs. These compounds are also naturally occuring and found in natural fossil fuels, fruits and vegetables. In fact it was found that the PNEHs levels in lettuce and asparagus are higher than in smoked foods....

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