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  Kamado Joe Classic DESCRIPTION
  This amazing kamado-style cooker isn't just a thing of beauty but, because of its incredible versatility, it could easily be the only outdoor cooker you'll ever need. The Kamado Joe is a modern day take on original Japanese clay cooking ovens which have been used for centuries. This latest incarnation has the added benefit of state of the art construction with high fire heat-resistant ceramics and a heat resistant red ceramic outer coating.

The Kamado Joe is a completely self-contained outdoor cooker, fueled by natural lumpwood charcoal. It can be used in a similar way to a wood-fired oven to roast or bake, or as a food smoker or bbq. It's internal design, which features a unique 'Divide & Conquer' split grill and deflector plate set-up, gives you a wide range of cooking options and created different heat levels. The Kamado style construction gives precise control over airflow and temperature enabling you to achieve a temperature range from as low as 82 deg C (225 deg F) to as high as 399 deg C (750 deg F), depending on the positioning of the various vents. Ceramic has excellent heat retaining properties and once your charcoal is alight, you can be ready to cook within just 15 minutes and low temperatures can be maintained for 12 hours or longer for smoking or slow cooking.

Very little ash is produced from the cooking process and apart from clearing away ash residues after every 2 or 3 uses, no other cleaning is required. The Kamado Joe is supplied partially assembled with just the internal elements to put in place with an estimated set up time of around 15 minutes. You'll need a couple of strong people to lift it into its powder coated cart as the overall weight is 90kg! The Kamado can then be wheeled and secured into position on its lockable casters. The two high density black plastic shelves are heat resistant and weatherproof and these fold away so that the unit can be covered.

* PLEASE NOTE * If you would like to order this product, please contact us for a delivery quote on 01398 351604. Because of the weight of the Kamado it is sent on pallet shipments requiring a specialist carrier. Thank You.


118cm wide (including shelves), 122cm high (or 4'), 71cm deep. The diameter of the cooking surface is approx 46cm and the total cooking surface area is 650 sq cm which can be increased to to 1034 sq cm by using the grill expander accessory.


82 deg C (225 deg F) to 399 deg C (750 deg F)


Base/Lid, Fire Box & Fire Ring: High fire heat-resistant ceramics

Exterior: Heat-resistant ceramic coating

Top Vent, Fire Grate & Cart: Powder coated cast iron

Cooking Grill and Draft Door: 304 grade stainless steel

Handle & Side Shelves: High Density Black Plastic

Bands/Hinges: Powder coated galvanised steel or stainless steel

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PRICE: £849.00



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