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  Camerons Stovetop Smoker DESCRIPTION
  The Camerons Stovetop Smoker enables you to smoke food on your own kitchen stove, including electric, gas and most ceramic hobs*, or on the base of a medium to hot oven in range cookers such as Agas or Rayburns. The smoker simply requires a medium heat source directly from below to cause the wood to smoulder producing delicious smoke flavours.
Constructed in durable stainless steel, the smoker uses a hot smoking process which is a healthy way to infuse flavour without the use of fats, salts of oils whilst retaining moisture so food remains tender and succulent.
The smoker comprises a stainless steel tray with fold-away handles which remain heat free into which flavoured wood chips are placed, a drip tray sits directly above the smoker base and a wire rack on which your food is arranged. A stainless steel slide-on lid seals the unit.
The depth of just under 8cm gives ample room for meat, poulty and fish cuts and for larger whole birds or hams you can create an aluminium foil tent in place of the smoker lid. The smoker also doubles as a steamer and you can use the tray for other general cooking tasks, so it is a multi-functional piece of kitchen cookware.
The smoker is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
A special range of smaller grain-sized 100% natural wood chips have been developed for and are recommended for use with the Camerons Stovetop Smoker. We have selected some of the most popular flavours and details can be found using the link on the right.
The Stovetop Smoker includes a cooking guide which includes a starter selection of recipes plus a 1lb tub of wood smoking grains. Wood flavour may vary, but if you have a particular requirement, please email this to us separately on placing your order. Thanks!
Dimensions: Length 380mm, Width 280mm, Depth 76mm.
Weight: 3.25kg

* Before using on a flat-top or ceramic stove, check your manufacturer's manual.

Product Code: CA01
PRICE: £58.00



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