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  ProQ Cold Smoke Generator DESCRIPTION
  The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, can now turn your hot smoker into a cold smoker. This ingenious design looks deceptively simple, yet it can produce cool, clean smoke for up to 10 hours - longer than any other brand of smoke generator according to the designers, Mac's BBQ. The metal spiral frame is simply filled with a wood smoking dust and a tealight candle is then lit and placed in a small tray beneath the frame. Once the dust starts to smoulder which should happen within a minute, the candle is removed, ensuring the minimum amount of residual heat in your food smoking compartment which is the key to successful cold smoking. The dust smoulders very gradually around the metal spiral filling your smoker with wood smoke. This cold smoking process is the finishing touch to preserve foods which can either be eaten in their raw, cured state or cooked later. Prior to smoking you need to cure the food to be smoked to remove excess moisture and aid the penetration of the smoke and its preservative effect into the food, forming a barrier to pests and disease. This can be achieved either using a dry cure, usually a salt and sugar mix, in which you coat the food or a liquid brine which the food is soaked in. Cold smoking should ideally take place at temperatures below 20 degrees C and care should be taken not to actually begin cooking the food or the preservative process is lost.
This new cold smoke generator is an easily affordable accessory for any type of vertical or horizontal hot smoker, water smoker, hooded bbq or even a home-made smoker of the filing cabinet or old fridge variety.
The product is supplied with 100gm of oak wood dust, a tealight and full instructions, plus it has a 12 month warranty. For details of additional wood dust products in a variety of flavours, see related products opposite or check the Wood Smoking Products section of our specialist food smoking site, www.hotsmoked.co.uk where you can also order the Cold Smoke Generator.
The tealights are readily and cheaply available in most supermarkets and hardware stores.

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